about me


Thanks for being here! I’m Jenna, a SE Minnesota-based lifestyle photographer. I’m a self-proclaimed professional multi-tasker, universe lovin’, nature enthusiast, and Mom to 3! When I’m not taking photos (or editing relentlessly), you can catch me curled up reading a book with a coffee nearby, outside soaking up the sunshine, & making memories with my fam.

Why photography?

I’ve always valued photographs immensely. I’ve just always been that person that takes a million pictures, I love to document everything! It’s all about the memories. I just feel like if I didn’t take a picture, will I really remember in 20 years the mundane days or the fun adventurous days, maybe I will - maybe I won’t, but if I take a picture I most certainly will. 

I’m very “right-brained”. I love to do anything that lets me be creative. That’s why I love photography so much, it gives me an outlet to be free to create! Photography is so much more than just taking pictures to me. It’s about telling stories, it’s creating a memory that is really going to make you feel something when you’re looking back on it. I am truly so passionate about photography, and I’m so thankful for everyone who lets me help tell their story.


When working with me I want you to know and feel how valued you are. I truly love making connections with each and every person I work with. It’s really important to me that we vibe and are a good fit for each other! I know photos can be uncomfortable for so many reasons, which is why my main focus is on creating a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere for you. I truly love tailoring each session on an individual basis. Together we will collaborate to make your visions for your session come to life!

am constantly putting in work behind the scenes to improve my overall client experience and elevate my business. No matter how long you’ve done something, I believe there is always something that can be improved on and areas to grow in. When you invest in me, know that I’m investing right back into you! 

xo, js

on my bucket list:

experience the magic of joshua tree

shoot on the oregon coast

Delve more into film photography

Shoot an intimate destination wedding or elopement



Let me capture this time in your life. Whether you're looking for some updated family photos, your newly engaged, heading into your senior year, or planning to say "I do". I’m here for it all. I love to capture life in all of its phases. Ready to capture your magic?

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